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Grizzly Rose


Welcome aboard the Ashley Louise!  Shes a 44' Marshall Californian fiberglass hull, built in 1977 in Tustin, California.  44' feet from bow to stern and 14.5 feet wide this boat is capable of handling more weather than you or I care to!  Most people get a funny look on their face when I tell them that she was built in 1977.  In fact, that's what you want in a boat!  In the 1980's the price of fiberglass materials went sky high and boat building became a matter of import and cutting cost.  Those cuts came in the form of thinner hulls and less liberal fiberglass lamination.  To the user that means less security between you and that big blue wet thing that we are all trying to stay out of.  The Ashley Louise is a full 2 inches thick at the water line, built commercial tough to withstand the abuse that comes from the harsh conditions of the north pacific. 

A product of the era, the Ashley Louise was part of a change in demand from bluewater sailing vessels to  long range motor cruisers.  The early boat manufacturers in California launched their first renditions of what they thought would fit the bill for the rapidly changing market in the early 1970's. It was a hit, motor cruising gained popularity and demand for an economical long range capable vessel increased exponentially.  The various companies replaced the cavernous fish holds standard in work boats with lavish living quarters, all while trying to keep the elements necessary for functionality with their own signature twists. The end result was maintained dependability, while adding comfort and style for more laid back applications and taking the boating world in a whole new direction. 

Those living quarters surround the spacious main salon area. This area features an L shaped dining table which conveniently folds down to accommodate an added guest or two. Comfortably seating 6 people, the main table has plenty of elbow room to bore into one of our hearty meals. Meals on the Ashley Louise are all part of the experience with Northern Professional because you are in one of the only places in the world where you can actually eat your surroundings. We will pull crab and shrimp pots, feast on freshly caught salmon and halibut from the day's fishing. Maybe you've chosen to come hunting?  Then add a succulent Sitka Blacktail backstrap to the menu, a tribute to your efforts in the field.  The fully equipped kitchen features a diesel stove and oven, ample counter space and a full fridge. Coffee or tea is served hot and fresh all day!

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There is a v-berth up front in the bow and two double beds in the aft stateroom, each one a unique setting to call home for the duration of your trip.  She features two bathrooms, one in each stateroom each with its own shower and one even has a bathtub! Carrying an ample 200 gallon supply of fresh water on board you can shower at will! The range of this vessel is what really makes the trip and with 500 gallons of fuel capacity we have a range of over 1000 miles.  If we cant find a fish in 1000 miles maybe we should try golf!  Never the less, she has the range to follow the fish and stay on top of the bite. We will meander our way along the coast of Alaska's Inside Passage, enjoying the peace and quiet of a new cove every night while recapping the days adventures at anchor.  Come experience southeast Alaska the way it was discovered, you, the boat, and the maze of islands stretching as far as the eye can see. 

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