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      A legal ram in Alaska is full curl on one side or broomed off (broken) on each side and any legal ram is considered a trophy. You can expect mature rams to average around a 36" curl with better specimens of 38" to 40"+ taken every year in this area.  Hunting is all spot and stalk, with shots ranging from under 100 yards to 500 yards however the average shot is going to be around 300. The further you can practice the better, so when it comes time to make that 300 yard shot to seal the deal it comes easy. This is open mountainous country and we will be covering as much ground as we can in search of rams, sometimes with our feet, sometimes with our glass.  Pace is key and it can be very advantageous to let our binoculars do the walking. Spotting scopes and good binos are key to every sheep hunt allowing us to cover large expanses of country from a single glassing point.

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