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King Salmon

If anything comes to mind when talking fishing in Alaska its the King Salmon!  Our season kicks off in May, beginning the summer run of Kings with some dandy ocean bright fish.  The run builds through July until the Kings start to fall off during the middle of August, which marks the tail end of the run.  These slabs are known the world over for their rich red meat, excellent on the dinner table. Kings can average 20-30 lbs, often 40-50 lbs, and even some 60 pounders are caught every year. That's the great thing about fishing the saltwater, you never know how big a fish your going to tie into!  If you want a head shakin', bull doggin' fight, come with us and set the hook on a King!  

Silver Salmon

If Salmon is the game, Silvers are usually second on the hit list!  Silver Salmon, otherwise referred to as "Coho" begin to show up during the tail end of June, increasing in numbers through July and peaking during the month of August.  Coho fishing stands apart due to the sheer numbers you can encounter.  Full of energy and extremely exciting on light tackle, they are the perfect target for the application.  Found nearer the surface than their big brother the King Salmon, their will be times we are able to cast to schools on the surface with light spinning and fly gear. During the peak of the season it can be quite the spectacle as hordes of these silver bullets surge past inshore kelp beds.  Slashing through schools of herring, and scattering Needlefish skittering across the surface, all you need to do is cast!  

4 Person Fishing Trip

Fully Guided Fishing Trip - $3000.00 per person

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