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Coastal Black Bear

     Prince of Wales Island has long been known for monster black bears in the outdoor community. The salmon choked stream surrounded by the dense coastal rainforest make this area prime habitat for big bears.  The winters here are about as mild as it gets anywhere bears are found, not much snow and not as extreme as the rest of Alaska.  This leads to easy hibernation, and less stressful living conditions which cant help but lead to bigger bears. We are looking at 7 foot plus bears as shooters, with finding an 8ft bear a possibility, very rare, but possible.  We are located in unit 2 which is a special draw area for non-residents with about a 50/50 chance of drawing a tag but if you contract with us, as outfitters/guides, the state will issue you a tag over the counter! 

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Rudy Skiff Bear Flats .jpg

The hunting is all done on Forest Service lands in the Tongass National Forest under a special use permit, keeping the competition almost non existent.  We base all our hunts from a 42' charter vessel putting you in the heart of trophy bear country. You can hunt your heart out knowing you'll have a hearty feast and a warm bed to come back too.  We will be cruising beaches in the springtime glassing tide flats, finding bears digging at low tide and grazing in grassy patches of uplands.  They will hit these greenbelts first thing every year, kick-starting their digestive systems after the long sleep before they roar into the breeding season. The other hunt is in September, where sitting fishing holes along the many creek mouths along the coast is the ideal tactic.  Whichever style of hunting you prefer, Northern Pro can put you face to face with a monster black bear! 

Fully Guided Coastal Black Bear Hunt

1x1 Coastal Black Bear - $11,000.00
2x1 Coastal Black Bear - $9,000.00 per person

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