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Alaska Hunting Guide

My name is Rudy Martin, Owner and Operator of Northern Professional - Outfitting and Guide Service LLC.  Here at Northern Professional we take pride in making your trip the adventure of a lifetime. Currently living in Fairbanks, I was born a fisherman's son and cut my teeth on the waters of Southeast Alaska. With the surrounding wilderness as my playground, I developed a strong passion for the outdoor lifestyle and have turned that into my livelihood.   We really do live the job!

Northern Professional Outfitting and Guide Service
Brooks Range Caribou Hunt
Northern Professional Outfitting and Guide Service

Who's we?  That would be the amazing woman that brings this whole thing together, Ashley Martin!  My wife and partner, she is a lifelong Alaskan and where my skills start to

diminish her's are just getting started!  Along

with her remarkable business and marketing

talent, she is as capable as any man in the field and at times more!  Whether she's packing sheep from spike camp or fixin' supper on the boat, you'll find her at ease in whatever role may be necessary.  Ashley has many years experience running businesses, working with customers, and handling logistics and planning.  Together we complete the perfect package to ensure that no details will be missed and the planning of your adventure will be

handled with ease and professionalism.  

Come experience the adventure that is Northern Professional   

My first job as a guide took me to Fairbanks at the age of 18.  I've been guiding in the Alaska Range since that day and I have been blessed to have retained a 100% opportunity and 98% success rate over the years.  It has been an amazing journey that ain't over yet!  Turning dreams into reality is something special, and that is exactly what we're about here at Northern Pro! 

Alaska Hunting Guide

Northern Professional
~ Outfitting and Guide Service ~

Alaska Hunting Guide
Alaska Hunting Guide

Southeast Alaska Big Game Hunts and Fishing Charters

Full service hunting charters

April - December

Northern Professional Outfitting and Guide Service

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