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     Interior Grizzlies are known for this and they make for a truly spectacular mount. Silvers, browns, blondes, chocolates, and any combination of those are what make a Grizz special and this far north the hides are just that much better! These bears are targeted in the fall during August and September as they gorge on what berries there are left in preparation for the long winter thats just around the corner.

Interior Grizzly

       The Brooks Range of Alaskas vast interior has long been a destination for adventure hunters, as far north as you can go before you hit the Arctic Ocean and respective plains. Silenced by harsh winters of 50 below zero temperatures and less this region is home to only a few tough species that can make this place home. One of them is the Arctic Grizzly Bear, small comparibly to its coastal brothers the Brown Bear but what it lacks in size it makes up for in attitude. Thes bears make there living on berries and ground squirrels not lavish runs of protein rich salmon, therefore mature bears average around 6 and a half feet squared with larger representatives in the 7 foot plus range around all the time. However the true trophy of an interior bear is the hide and the various color phases these bears come in is what usually decides whether the trigger gets pulled.

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        Northern Professional only does a few Brooks Range hunts every year to ensure the quality of every guest's experience and longevity of our hunting area. What does that mean to you? It means we offer all of our hunts as combo trips!

NO TROPHY FEE! Book a sheep or moose hunt and if we spot a nice grizz while glassing then the hunt is on!

1x1 Grizzly/Sheep or Grizzly/Moose - 10 Day Hunt


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