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Your Southeast Alaskan adventure takes place in the southern reaches of the Southern Prince of Wales Wilderness Area.  Located on Prince of Wales Island, we are as far south as you can go in Alaska before entering British Columbia, Canada. The main town on the island is the little fishing town of Craig, connected to over 200 miles of logging roads and a handful of other towns on the island.

Ketchikan Alaska

Travel is conducted either through float plane service from Craig or by driving to the Inter Island Ferry terminal in Hollis, about a 40 minute drive form Craig.  Either by ferry or float plane you will travel to Ketchikan, another fishing town on the mainland of Alaska where you will be within an hour plane ride from Seattle, Washington courtesy of Alaska Airlines and Ketchikan International Airport.  All of the major float plane companies have counters in the same terminal so whether you are flying to or from Prince of Wales Island the transfer of your luggage is easy and straightforward. Taking the ferry is a little more intensive but it is an experience, and you get a taste of the local flavor on the way! If that's what you would like to do then I will walk you through all the details during the planning stages of your trip.  However you choose to do it, the trip to Prince of Wales is an adventure on its own and shouldn't deter even the homiest of personalities.  It really is all a part of the Alaskan experience and Northern Pro will see to it that all the arrangements made are in your best interest. 

Craig Shuttle
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