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Grizzly Rose


Welcome aboard the Grizzly Rose!  This ship was recently stripped down to its hull and re-built, designed to provide the best possible experience for our guests.   She has her original 68' fiberglass hull, built in 1977.  This boat is capable of handling more weather than you or I care to!  Most people get a funny look on their face when I tell them that she was built in 1977.  In fact, that's what you want in a boat!  In the 1980's the price of fiberglass materials went sky high and boat building became a matter of import and cutting cost.  Those cuts came in the form of thinner hulls and less liberal fiberglass lamination.  To the user that means less security between you and that big blue wet thing that we are all trying to stay out of.  

The Grizzly Rose is custom built for comfort!  It boasts two private guest staterooms, each with a cozy queen bed and private bathroom complete with a shower!   The fully equipped kitchen features a full size fridge/freezer and propane stove where we prepare hearty home-cooked meals.  Coffee or tea is served hot and fresh all day!   
We will meander our way along the coast of Alaska's Inside Passage, enjoying the peace and quiet of a new cove every night while recapping the days adventures at anchor.  Come experience southeast Alaska the way it was discovered, you, the boat, and the maze of islands stretching as far as the eye can see. 

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