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     Southeast Alaska is known for its wet climate, and if you venture to this part of the world you will most likely encounter rain at some point.  Grundens of Sweden and Helly Hansen in the thick commercial grade lines are great for fishing, skiff hunting, and less active endeavors or when its just dumping buckets out and you don't have a choice.

When staying dry matters most.

      If their is any sort of physical activity involved such as on most of our hunts i suggest a higher end set of hunting gear such as those manufactured by First Lite, Kuiu, or Sitka. I personally run First Lite gear because i trust and count on merino wool and their system is based around just that.  They're gear retains its warming qualities when fully saturated and i trust First Lite because its proven itself to me, personally.  Everyone is different, and that's a fact that plays into every individuals gear selection. If you have gear that has proven itself to you and has your trust by all means keep trusting it.

      As far as footwear goes its Xtratuf knee high rubber boots as the daily drivers and if we are hunting above timberline it would be best to bring a pair of boots more tailored towards a goat hunt.  I would suggest Kenetreks or something similar since they give durability and enough stiffness to the everyday hunter without going overboard.   So basically all there is to it is if you have merino wool next to skin, including socks, and as much merino as you can muster on up through proven goretex rain gear with a set of heavy duty rubber rain gear as back up you should be good.  Sleeping accommodations are all provided on the boat, unless personnel camping gear is needed  for the August alpine hunt. You will need to bring your toiletries such as tooth brush and shampoos/soaps adequate for the duration of your stay.  We will have shampoos and soaps on board that you are welcome to although personnel preference is not considered.  

Southeast Slippers!

 As always, I try to support the local economy so i have included links to a few gear stores that carry everything you would ever need.  Below are the links to our downloadable pdf gear lists for the various trips we provide, and I am happy to go over any questions you may have in preparation for your adventure!

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